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6 Ways to Get Great Deals on Your Next Computer

When it comes to getting a great deal on your next computer, there are lots of things you can do. Most people need a new computer every couple of years anyway. That’s because most people spend a great deal of time on their computer; even if you have multiple computers and use a laptop, desktop and tablet, you are still going to need to upgrade every few years or so.

That’s simply because the technology advances and with every technological advance, you also need to upgrade your computer to keep up with it. The good news is there are some great ways to save money on your next computer. Let’s look at a few of them now.

Buy Refurbished on Amazon

One of the things that you might want to consider is to buy a refurbished computer on Amazon. Refurbished computers are nearly as good as new computers, and when you buy them on Amazon you save big. A computer that you might pay $800 for new may be available on Amazon and refurbished form for just $300 or $400.

Refurbished computers are rebuilt by Amazon or Amazon-approved merchants, and when they come to you they are like new. There are no worn out parts that you have to worry about, there is no need to reinstall the operating system and you get a lot better computer for the price. When you compare it to buying used, refurbished computers definitely hold the advantage.

Buy Computers without an Operating System

When you buy computers on eBay or other auction websites, you should look for computers that do not have operating systems. It is extremely easy to obtain your own operating system, and computers that do not have one are often deeply discounted. In fact, you may be able to get a computer without an operating system for half of what you would get one with the same specs that has an operating system installed.

This is simply the mixture of buying used computers, even though the operating system doesn’t cost that much to buy retail. You can also look for computers that are deeply discounted because they are missing vital components that you can get separately for very little cost such as a battery or power cord. For example, you can get an AC adapter for a computer used for about $10, but the computer could be marked down $100 because it is missing one.

Look for Amazon Coupons

You should also keep on the lookout for Amazon coupon codes and discount. Getting an Amazon promo code will allow you to purchase items on Amazon for a lot less than you would normally have to pay. There are lots of ways that you can save money on Amazon, including making sure that you purchase a computer that comes with free shipping.

Some of the more out-of-the-box ways that you can save money on Amazon towards a new computer is to earn Amazon credit in the form of gift cards through third-party websites. For example, some survey websites offer Amazon gift cards as a reward for completing surveys, and there are plenty of apps out there that will give you some form of Amazon credit. You may even be able to find promotions from computer manufacturers.

Buy Laptops When They historically go on Sale

If you want hot deals, then do your research and find out when laptops normally go on sale. There are certain periods of the year when laptop prices are at their highest and when they are at their lowest. You might be holding out for a Black Friday type deal or a Cyber Monday discount, but the truth is that you can get close to those deeply discounted prices simply by buying your laptop during the window that their price the lowest. This is typically when the newest models come in and retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg need to get rid of the inventory that they have in order to make room for or concentrate their efforts on the newest products.

Upgrade Your Current Computer

Instead of getting a new computer, consider upgrading your current computer. The main reason that people want to get a new computer is that there are no longer able to keep up with the programs that they run. For example, if you bought your computer a few years ago, the amount of RAM that your computer came with was probably enough to run all of the programs that you used at the time as well as games, Internet, multitasking and all the other factors that RAM affects.

But as these programs get updated and new programs get installed, that amount of RAM may no longer be enough. However, instead of buying an entirely new computer, you can simply upgrade your RAM. This may not be possible in every computer, but you should look into it. Other things that you can upgrade yourself include a larger hard drive and in the case of desktops video cards and soundcards.

Figure Out What You Need Exactly

Another way that you can save money on the computer that you get is to find out exactly what you need. Most people buy way too much computer for what they need, either because they don’t know exactly what sort of performance they require. If you can do your research and find out how advanced your video card needs to be, how much hard drive space you need, what amount of RAM is going to do everything you needed to do and other factors, and you can save money on your computer purchase.

However, the corollary of that argument is that when you buy more computer than you need, then it is going to last you longer because when programs get upgraded or you install something new that taxes your configuration, then you’re going to already have the upgraded computer that you need and you won’t need to buy a new one.

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